Print: A Bookstore - March 31, 2022

Dear customers and neighbors:

We're excited to share with you that on Friday, April 1, Print will reopen to the public for walk-up, in-store shopping! We're as excited to see you as we hope you are to see us, and we cannot thank you enough for your patience and continued support while we were closed during the Omicron wave.

The following are very important rules and guidelines that we will have in place to ensure that browsing our shelves is safe and comfortable for everyone. We hope this will answer any questions, but please feel free to contact us if there's something you're unsure about. 

  • Print will be open to the public for in-store shopping Wednesday through Saturday, 12PM - 5PM. 
  • On Mondays and Tuesdays we will be closed to the public to allow for private appointments for customers who prefer to shop this way. To book an appointment please visit our Appointment PageYou can also book private appointments for Saturday mornings from 10AM - 12:00PM
  • We will continue to offer curbside pickup Monday through Saturday from 12PM - 5PM.
  • Masks will be strongly encouraged for all customers and staff during walk-in hours and required for all private appointments.

All of this information will also be available on the store website and social media channels. 

Our thanks, as always, for your continued support.

Yours in books,
Emily Russo and Josh Christie