by Sofie Matson


Between standardized tests, after-school clubs, and ever-looming college applications, fifteen-year-old Maggie Murphy is content to watch others on ClickClock, exchanging her own mundane tastes for others’ on the video-sharing app that is integral to her and her friends’ daily existence. In the economy of creators and consumers, Maggie is the latter… until the CIA recruits the teen to assist in a covert foreign data-mining investigation, an opportunity her parents see as a unique resume-builder. Suddenly, Maggie is a creator. 

Soon, her unanticipated success on the app is forcing Maggie to confront ideas of creative and political authority, and leaving the teen with a more personal question: What is the scope of her influence without such a platform?

A biting and timely satire from a debut voice, Amateurity explores how social media shapes today’s teens, as well as the world they will inhabit as adults.

Featured in the Portland Press Herald

FICTION | Paperback | 2021 | ISBN: 9781737593812

About the Author

Sofie Matson is a senior at Falmouth High School. This fall, she will run cross-country and track at Columbia University. She plans to major in what CNBC ranked as the most-regretted course of study, English. In addition to writing (and, inevitably, reading), she enjoys painting, playing clarinet, and googling the answers to the Sunday Times crossword puzzle.

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