Bach in the Barn


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Really, neither of us knew anything. About life. About the future. About ourselves. 

Deere, Maine. 1995. Thirteen-year-old Macy Griffin is less than honest with just about everyone in their life about their mother's unexplained suicide. After her death, as Macy starts to grapple with their own life-altering secret, one that contradicts everything their late mom believed in, Macy discovers a grotesque yet lovable alien in their family’s barn. Finally, another being to confide in—about their feelings for the golden-eyed new girl at school, about their mounting jealousy of their best friend, Levi, and about the ghost who watches over them from the branches of a weeping willow tree. 

This imaginative young adult novel is a touching and important story about coming of age and finding one’s identity. 

About the Author

Leigh Ellis is a rising senior at Windham High School. Aside from writing, they enjoy making art and listening to music, especially punk. Leigh’s work has been featured in two Telling Room anthologies, See Beyond and Shadowboxing. They were also a Maine Literary Awards finalist for both Youth Poetry and Youth Fiction. They hope Bach in the Barn will resonate with young queer readers who have yet to see themselves represented in books and media.

FICTION | Paperback | 2021

ISBN: 9781737593805

Price: $17.99