Between Two Rivers


by Aruna Kenyi

Aruna Kenyi was five when his village in South Sudan was lit on fire, the day he heard the screaming and became a refugee. Unable to reach his parents, this Lost Boy ran to the plantain fields, where he lay on his stomach for a day, unmoving, and then he got up and ran again. So began his epic journey of escape—walking by night across great expanses with his brothers, hiding by day, and haunted all the while by crocodiles, bombs, and hunger. Between Two Rivers is Aruna Kenyi's memoir, a retelling of his improbable journey from east Africa to southern Maine - a story, and sometimes a fable, of the events, people, and places that have helped to define him, then and now.

MEMOIR | Paperback | 104 Pages | 2015

ISBN: 9780989239561

Price: $12.95