My T(r)Oyboy Is a Twat (Paperback)

My T(r)Oyboy Is a Twat By Paula Houseman Cover Image

My T(r)Oyboy Is a Twat (Paperback)


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Love, romance, marriage, and a dark little secret. Shh ... Small things let loose can grow out of hand.

Ruth Roth's new husband can't keep it in. If only he had all those years ago, things might be different now.

His big mouth sends every family member into hell. Except for Ruth's late mother. She blows in from there. Seems the woman just won't die. Or let up. Faaaark

As if Mama's earbashing isn't enough, everyone else needs a scapegoat. Ruth is it. Somehow, this mess is her fault.

With everything falling apart, she feels overwhelmed. Until a hunky celebrity pants man-who clearly wants to get into hers-befriends her and makes her feel all warm and fuzzy. At the same time, an educated silicone seductress has designs on hubby.

Temptation abounds. But it's overshadowed when a startling discovery throws Ruth and her man into uncharted waters, and life comes crashing down.

Ruth has survived plenty with the help of her friends. And as a writer, her wry wit, dirty muse, and a bent for ancient mythology have sustained her. This, though, might be her undoing.
Product Details ISBN: 9780648283676
ISBN-10: 0648283674
Publisher: Wildwoman Publishing
Publication Date: July 30th, 2018
Pages: 332
Language: English