Have I given you my CONSENT? (Paperback)

Have I given you my CONSENT? By Kim May Cover Image

Have I given you my CONSENT? (Paperback)


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We need to encourage children to take control of their body and personal space from an early age.

Children may not always understand their rights and so it is important to teach them about consent. As adults we must not assume that all situations are comfortable for children.

This book can act as a tool for teachers, parents and health professionals in assisting children to understand the concept of consent. It also provides examples of situations which may be uncomfortable for some children and teaches them that in those situations, they can choose whether to give or not give consent.

This book is simple yet profound in its verse and illustrations which enables the child and reader to talk about some of the 'uncomfortable' situations the child may find themselves in. Some of those situations could include people tickling them, hugging them, entering their personal space, cyber safety and many other scenarios.

It is important for parents, teachers and professionals to teach children how they may respond in those 'uncomfortable' situations so as they grow they have a better understanding of their rights around giving or not giving consent.

Beautiful large full color illustrations which makes the book a joy to read for both the child and the reader.

Product Details ISBN: 9780648474029
ISBN-10: 064847402X
Publisher: Inglis, Kim
Publication Date: July 20th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English