The Children of Bathala: A Mythology Class Reunion (Paperback)

The Children of Bathala: A Mythology Class Reunion By Arnold Arre Cover Image

The Children of Bathala: A Mythology Class Reunion (Paperback)


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From the author of The Mythology Class comes the long-anticipated sequel

It's been two decades since the former classmates first met, and the ensuing years have brought their share of changes. Kubin's strength is weakening with each passing day; Lane's telepathy is gone; Rey and Misha are nowhere to be found; and the bonds that once held them together are slowly crumbling under their misfortune. Thrown into the mix is Nicole and Kubin's daughter, Marilag, who has grown distant from her. To add to the problems, doubts about Enkanta's true purpose are mounting.

Nicole, once the heart of the group, now senses a dark spell settling over them, her young daughter included. What the former classmates don't realize is that a new band of visitors is about to arrive from a magical realm. Will these visitors provide a portal to an enchanting new world or usher in a new age of evil? And will the classmates still be up to the challenge?

**Praise for the Mythology Class series by Arnold Arre**

"In this genre-defining classic of Filipino comics from Arre (Halina Filipina), released in 1999 to become the first graphic novel to win the Philippine National Book Award, and now in its first U.S. edition ...] this exciting and satisfying adventure, firmly rooted in Filipino culture, is a must-read for its influence." --Publishers Weekly

"A modern Filipino literary classic." --Leinil Francis Yu, Marvel Avengers Artist

"This is one of those books that helped shape a nation's graphic novels, and should be read with that in mind ...] The Mythology Class, a compilation of four shorter books that form a complete story, is a quirky work about the past, present and future all blending together, as a group of wizards and heroes travel forward through time to combat a series of problems in each age they visit. ...] While readable by teens, this one may attract adult readers more, and at least the bulk of the characters are probably in their 20s."
Arnold Arre won the inaugural graphic novel Philippine National Book Award in 2000 for The Mythology Class. He is the author and illustrator of many other popular works, including Halina Filipina, The World of Andong Agimat, The Children of Bathala, and The Journey to Lupan-On.
Product Details ISBN: 9780804855433
ISBN-10: 0804855439
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English