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Too Tough to Love: My Life with Johnny Ramone (Paperback)

Too Tough to Love: My Life with Johnny Ramone Cover Image
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TOO TOUGH TO LOVE is Cynthia "Roxy" Whitney's first-person account of her 20-year affair with punk guitar legend and Ramones co-founder Johnny Ramone - a story that has never been told until now. While most fans have heard of the notorious love triangle of Johnny, singer Joey Ramone, and Joey's girlfriend Linda Daniele (later Mrs. Johnny Ramone), very few know that the "triangle" had a fourth side - Roxy. In her inimitable voice, she gives a no-holds-barred account of her life as a teenaged stripper in 1970s New York, the early days of punk and the Ramones, and the betrayal that nearly shattered the band. Roxy was written out of the Ramones official history, but her relationship with Johnny continued in secret for many years, - even after his marriage to Linda. As told to spoken-word poet Emily XYZ, Roxy's story is full of vivid, funny, hair-raising and poignant details, and paints a far more complex and human portrait of Johnny than any other Ramones history or memoir so far.
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ISBN: 9780996372411
ISBN-10: 0996372415
Publisher: Emily Moorefield
Publication Date: May 10th, 2015
Pages: 248
Language: English