Racism (Global Issues) (Paperback)

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Racism (Global Issues) (Paperback)


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Examining important issues affecting our world, for young readers.

Racism asks fundamental questions about this blight affecting millions of people around the world. What is racism? When and why did it start? What does it feel like to be a victim of racism? How can society tackle racism? Does everybody have it to one degree or another, and will it ever disappear?

About the Global Issues series: This series explores a controversial topic via one person's experiences followed by an examination of the facts offered by a panel of specially selected experts and supported by a wealth of resource materials. Each title is written by an educator and is well-researched and carefully edited to be a significant and useful resource for young readers at home and school. Adults, too, will appreciate the open and sensitive treatment of each subject.

Clive Gifford is a highly experienced journalist and author with over 60 books in print and more than 800 features and stories for adults and children. Clive's unusual life has seen him travel through 47 countries, be held hostage in Colombia, run a computer games company, and write jokes for a number of well-known comedians.
Product Details ISBN: 9781552857458
ISBN-10: 155285745X
Publisher: Walrus Books
Publication Date: February 4th, 2006
Pages: 64
Language: English
Series: Global Issues