Get Ready!: How to Prepare for and Stay Safe after a Pacific Northwest Earthquake (Paperback)

Get Ready!: How to Prepare for and Stay Safe after a Pacific Northwest Earthquake By Deb Moller Cover Image

Get Ready!: How to Prepare for and Stay Safe after a Pacific Northwest Earthquake (Paperback)


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The definitive guide to getting ready for and staying safe after a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. FEMA recommends being prepared for two weeks of self-sufficiency after it occurs, and this handbook will show you how with clear, informative, and easy-to-implement steps.

Recent seismic activity has made national headlines and underscored the fact that the Cascadia fault line off the coast of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California is overdue for a major earthquake. And when it happens, living conditions could be akin to those in the mid-nineteenth century.

This handbook covers the supplies you need to stay safely in place, including water, food (and food prep), first aid, sanitation, health and hygiene needs, shelter and bedding, and light/fire. It also includes lists of what to purchase and how to store it, as well as simple excercises to gain confidence in perfoming necessary tasks. Learn what to do during and immediately after an earthquake, how to develop a reunification plan, and how to communicate when basic infrastructure is down. It also addresses the particular concerns of those living in coastal areas (the tsunami zone) as well as those outside of the severe impact zone. It covers long-term ways to stay safe without modern conveniences and a crash course in survival techniques should the quake happen before all preparations are complete.

Get Ready! presents information in clear, practical, and managable steps, equipping the reader with the skills to care for themselves and their loved ones should a major earthquake hit. And when it does, the internet will not be an option, making this reference handbook invaluable. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you need Get Ready!
Deb Moller is the former public-private partnerships manager at the Oregon Department of Emergency Management. She is a Senior Fellow at the Center of Excellence for Homeland Security and Emergency Management, under the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. She is a member of the Oregon Emergency Management Association and the Capital Area Emergency Management Committee. Deb is the founder of Cascadia Calling, an organization dedicated to earthquake preparedness in the region. She holds a master’s degree in applied behavioral science from
Bastyr University.
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Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 208
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