My Emotions: A Journal for Teens: Guided Exercises to Help You Express, Understand, and Manage Emotions (Paperback)

My Emotions: A Journal for Teens: Guided Exercises to Help You Express, Understand, and Manage Emotions By Joy A. Hartman Cover Image

My Emotions: A Journal for Teens: Guided Exercises to Help You Express, Understand, and Manage Emotions (Paperback)


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Help teens learn how to navigate big emotions through journaling

Being a teenager can come with intense emotions, stemming from social pressures, changing hormones, and plenty of other places. Knowing how to express feelings and handle challenges in a healthy way is the key to greater confidence and lifelong emotional health—but it takes a little practice. This teen journal is packed with useful tools and techniques to help teens understand and manage their emotions, so they can overcome any hurdle and become the person they want to be.
  • Tailored to teens—Explore exercises designed to address what teens are going through, from school and plans for the future to friendships and life at home.
  • A variety of activities—Encourage teens to become masters at managing emotions big and small through an engaging mix of journal entries, mindfulness meditations, drawing prompts, and more.
  • Relatable stories—Teens can read about others' experiences so they can think about what they'd do in their shoes and come up with their own solutions.

Help teens put their feelings into perspective with this guided journal.
JOY HARTMAN, MSW, LCSW, has been working as a family therapist for nearly 30 years. She is passionate about empowering teens to become strong, confident adults. Follow her blog at
Product Details ISBN: 9781638073390
ISBN-10: 1638073392
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: August 17th, 2021
Pages: 168
Language: English
“This is a great resource for any teen! Teens face complicated emotions and situations every day. This book gives them the tools and skills they need to manage their emotions and make mentally healthy choices as they experience life. Hartman makes learning these skills simple, easy, and engaging for teens in this new journal.” —Paul Hamilton, PhD, psychologist and clinic director

My Emotions: A Journal for Teens is an effective resource full of helpful nuggets and meaningful exercises for adolescents. It creates a much-needed space for young readers to develop emotional self-regulation and interpersonal skills. The habits taught here will contribute to long-term well-being. Presented in an engaging format for teens, this is a gem!” —Julie Anne Witkowski, MA, MSEd, school counselor

“As a middle school teacher and a mom to three teenage kids, I have witnessed how difficult it can be for kids to navigate the tween and teenage years. This journal is a great tool to help kids recognize and manage the complexities of teenage emotions and feelings.” —Casey Krueger, MEd, middle school teacher and mom

“Hartman communicates the complexity of teen emotions in a comprehensible manner! Her style of writing is formatted towards her teen audience. The activities and reflective writing prompts engage readers while motivating them to work on dealing with their emotions in a healthy manner. As a psychiatrist, I highly recommend this journal to any teen who is struggling to identify and tackle their emotions.” —Chirag Shah, MD, pediatric and adult psychiatrist