Awesome Electronics Projects for Kids: 20 STEAM Projects to Design and Build (Awesome STEAM Activities for Kids) (Paperback)

Awesome Electronics Projects for Kids: 20 STEAM Projects to Design and Build (Awesome STEAM Activities for Kids) By Colby Tofel-Grehl, PhD Cover Image

Awesome Electronics Projects for Kids: 20 STEAM Projects to Design and Build (Awesome STEAM Activities for Kids) (Paperback)


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Electronics come alive with hands-on activities for kids ages 5 to 10

The world of electrical engineering is packed with awesome ways for kids to learn and play! Filled with glowing, buzzing, and spinning fun, this guide to electronics for kids helps them fall in love with science as they explore the mechanics behind everyday devices.

Whether it’s a light-up birthday card, an automated bubble blower, or an alarm clock, every project features easy-to-find components and simple directions that give kids the guidance they need to build. Expand their learning with explanations of how these electronics for kids connect to larger STEAM ideas!

This collection of buildable electronics for kids features:
  • 20 fun builds—Introduce the science behind electronics for kids through projects that they can do at home with affordable materials—and a little adult supervision.
  • Educational explanations—Go beyond other electronics books thanks to simple breakdowns of exactly what happened and why, ensuring kids get the most out of each activity.
  • Progressive difficulty—Discover electronics for kids that start simple and get more challenging as they go, helping young learners grow their skills without getting frustrated.

Inspire a lifelong love of science (plus technology, engineering, art, and math) with the super fun activities in Awesome Electronics Projects for Kids.
Dr. Colby Tofel-Grehl (she/her) is an associate professor of teacher education at Utah State University and director of the Chaos Learning Lab. Her research focuses on bringing new technology into classrooms and igniting student interest in STEAM. In 2020, she was honored with the Association for Science Teacher Education Teacher of the Year Award.
Product Details ISBN: 9781648760259
ISBN-10: 1648760252
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English
Series: Awesome STEAM Activities for Kids
“Simply the best book imaginable on electricity projects for kids! The clear step-by-step directions, engaging graphics, and interesting activities with easily available materials make this book a terrific choice for parents and teachers hoping to interest their kids in science. The author has an elementary school teacher's understanding of what interests kids and a professor's insight about what leads to learning and motivation for all ages.” —Richard E. Clark, parent, Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology and Technology and Co-Director, Center for Cognitive Technology, University of Southern California

“Young children are natural engineers, and this book is a wonderful guide for exploring electrical engineering. Dr. Tofel-Grehl does an excellent job of explaining each project, and the pictures are very helpful. This book could be used by both parents and elementary teachers to engage children in projects that are fun and relevant to their everyday lives.” —Kimberly H. Lott, PhD, associate professor of science education, Utah State University

“An inspiring collection of projects that will spark kids’ interest in electronics. The projects provide clear directions to guide young makers into a world in which they design circuits that turn on lights, ring bells, and make bubbles—what more could you ask for?” —Yasmin B. Kafai, EdD, University of Pennsylvania