The Other Side: Wolf Moon (Paperback)

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The Other Side: Wolf Moon (Paperback)


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How can you escape the past if you run toward it?

After the tragic murder of her fiancé, Erika Navarro's life in sun-drenched Los Angeles is turned upside down. Seeking solace and new horizons, Erika innocently arrives at her Romanian family's century-old estate, Dragos Manor, in the misty New England town of Nocturne, Massachusetts. Long rumored to be haunted, this gothic mansion stands as the town's iconic hotel, where cocktails flow, mischief is made, and the most captivating pack of characters – family, friends, and foe – roam the ornate yet foreboding halls. By the light of the moon, secrets are revealed, pack hierarchy shifts, and – with the revelation that wolf blood flows in her own veins – Erika finds herself the pawn in a centuries-old feud between rival werewolf families, an interloping hunter, and the foreboding matriarch of the family hell-bent on preserving Dragos Manor and its legacy.

Drawn into a supernatural world where lycanthropy rules and hunters and the hunted collide, Erika is plunged into the mystical societies from which she was sheltered as a child. This spellbinding read – where bloodlines run cold and animal desires burn – is both hypnotic and chillingly mysterious.

In her debut novel, "The Other Side – Wolf Moon," Sea Elle Wolf deftly takes the reader on an enthralling journey through an intricately crafted werewolf thriller that fuses fantasy, mystery, and romance with a suspenseful and unique spin on shapeshifting mythology and the powerful lunar forces of memory, mayhem, and destiny.
I have always loved a good story. And all I have ever wanted was to create at least one.

Woven into the fabric of my writing are the strands of my inspiration – colorful, strong, tactile writers, musicians and filmmakers who have left an indelible impression on me, wrapping me in their brilliance and warming my creative soul. They are the voices I hear in my head, my inspiration, and the flames that spark my creativity.

They are a varied lot, a tapestry that includes vibrant Pearl S. Buck, earnest Frank McCourt, compelling John Steinbeck, lyrical Tennessee Williams, satirical David Sedaris, irrepressible Quentin Tarantino, the incorrigible Coen Brothers, inventive John Cameron Mitchell, artful Akira Kurosawa, groundbreaking Thomas Vinterberg, spirited Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, magnetic Nick Cave, and the powerfully poetic Leonard Cohen.

I invite you into my unusual and ethereal world. May each turn of the page incite your imagination, for while I write my stories for me, my wish is to share them with you. As Tennessee Williams said… "I'm only really alive when I'm writing."

A note directly to the reader –
Thank you to everyone who has read Wolf Moon thus far. It was a labor of love to write and an absolute thrill for me to publish this first story. With that said, I humbly request your thoughts and feedback. Please leave an honest review if you are so inclined. I'm going to get working on the next three books. More to come!

All of my love and gratitude,
Product Details ISBN: 9781667884356
ISBN-10: 1667884352
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: March 31st, 2023
Pages: 344
Language: English
Series: The Other Side