The Callers (Hardcover)

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The Callers (Hardcover)


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This riveting middle grade novel, which explores the amazing power of summoning objects into being, will capture fantasy and sci-fi lovers alike. Arresting, fast-paced, and thought-provoking, The Callers turns familiar magic upside down and inside out, and is perfect for fans of Kenneth Oppel and Andrew Clements.

In the world of Elipsom, the ability to Call, or summon objects, is a coveted, crucial skill, revered among its people as both a powerful tool and an essential way to sustain life. But despite an elite family history, a phenom for an older sister, a best friend who is set to join the Council of Callers, and his mother's steely insistence that he learn to Call, Quin doesn't have the gift—an embarrassment made worse when his mother gets his sister to cheat for him on his Calling exam. But everything changes in a moment of frustration when Quin, instead of summoning an object, makes something disappear. And what's more, he quickly discovers that the objects Callers bring into their world aren't conjured at all but are whisked away from another world and a people who for years have had their lives slowly stolen from them. Now Quin must team up with Allie, a girl who's determined to stop this unfair practice, and decide whether he should remain loyal to his family or betray them—and save the world.

In a story that explores some of the most crucial topics of our time—our relationship to consumerism, the exploitation of natural resources, colonialism, and the consequences of wanting more than we need—magic is sought, and truth is found.

THOUGHT-PROVOKING FANTASY: With its lush landscapes, towering metropolises, and hint of futurism, the distinctive look and feel of this world is familiar and strange in all the right ways.

RICH THEMES: This book explores complex topics—taking what you want versus what you need, colonialism, coming of age, and what different worlds owe each other in light of their common humanity. It takes a deep, thoughtful look at essential issues and, in doing so, takes after some of the best works the fantasy genre has to offer.

PAGE-TURNER: This perfectly paced page-turner of a book by Kiah Thomas will be a joy for middle grade readers who love immersive adventure and fantasy stories.

Perfect for: Middle grade readers, Fantasy fans, Educators and librarians
Kiah Thomas started telling stories when she was young, reimagining the endings of the books she read. She rediscovered her love of kids' literature when she had children of her own, and started writing beginnings as well as endings. Kiah is passionate about stories that families can enjoy together. She lives on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, with her husband, two children, and at least seven stuffed toy penguins.
Product Details ISBN: 9781797210780
ISBN-10: 1797210785
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: April 5th, 2022
Pages: 228
Language: English
“Don’t we all want to believe we are forces for good and we carry within us some unknown magic power? Fast-paced and richly imagined, The Callers follows young Quin, the black sheep of a powerful family, as he struggles to absorb uncomfortable truths about who has the right to magic, comfort, resources, and safety. Beautifully told and engaging and just thrilling. What a great story.” -Garret Weyr, Printz Honor-winning author of My Heartbeat and The Language of Spells

“Beautiful, big-hearted and so original-I fell in love with this book.”-Amie Kaufman, New York Times-bestselling author of The World Between Blinks and the Illuminae Files series

“Lush and dazzling, this enchanting fantasy whisks you away to an inventive world, full of intrigue and adventure. The Callers is captivating to the very end.” -Rhiannon Williams, Ampersand Prize-winning author of the Narroway Trilogy

“Beautiful, big-hearted and so original-I fell in love with this book.” -Amie Kaufman, New York Times-bestselling author of The World Between Blinks and the Illuminae Files series

“[The Callers] keeps the tone nonpreachy, but its themes of environmental crisis, greed, and exploitation are spot-on. The action will keep readers avidly turning pages . . . [A] fresh, original, and timely story.”-Kirkus Reviews

“[With] clever and imaginative world-building . . . the fast pace keeps the pages turning . . .”-The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“Thomas’ debut middle-grade novel is poignant in its simplicity, with tight, effective prose, a slim page count, and a minimal style of world building that allows readers to concentrate on the thought-provoking questions being raised about oppression, consumerism, and our relationship to our planet, as well as Quin’s search for identity outside of his family’s legacy. A refreshing, affecting work that shows what thoughtful fantasy can do.”-Booklist

“Set in an evocatively realized fantasy world with…a futuristic feel…[The Callers] is a moving and complex story about the discomfort and reward of doing what is right. Thomas’s debut middle-grade novel is a clever critique of the consumerism that we might take for granted. [Thomas] tackles serious topics with wit, charm, and a few flying rhinodrites along the way.” - The Horn Book Magazine