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The Hidden Super Power of Addiction (Paperback)

The Hidden Super Power of Addiction Cover Image
By Sue Cox
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The Hidden Super Power of Addiction is based on 45 years of professional and lived experience and looks at the 'Celebration of the addictive brain' and the tremendous inherent skills of people with this particular wiring. Sue Cox explains the way to harness and embrace that exceptional wiring and shows how amazing it can be for a person who has left behind their 'drugs of choice' to divert and transform that relentless drive, and become empowered. More than anything, this is a hopeful book of transformation and empowerment. Sue uses a cross-pollination of skills to explore this positive approach, from Chinese medical theories to neuro-science. The Hidden Super Power of Addiction explains how the human brain works, how life events influence us and how the two interact to make us who we are. It spotlights some outdated and false assumptions, and explodes some of the long held negativity that is levelled at addiction and how some addiction services focus is self-serving not on the addicted person. Sue is constantly frustrated by the mis-information on addiction including why the concept of seeing an addicted person as 'ill' is disempowering and limiting to real recovery and rather than continually concentrating on the individual's 'defects' and trying to find where they are at fault, she suggests that it is our quickly moving society where the problem lies and addicts themselves are just born in the wrong century

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ISBN: 9781913460310
ISBN-10: 1913460312
Publisher: Cloister House Press
Publication Date: April 16th, 2021
Pages: 204
Language: English