Space Train: Book One (Paperback)

Space Train: Book One By Lamont G. Olsen Cover Image

Space Train: Book One (Paperback)


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The Space Train novel is the first of a sweeping six book series, which begins in the year 2130. It describes NASAs initial attempt to build a faster than light vessel, and colonize another planet. Like a land train, the Space Train had sixty cars linked together, and contained everything needed to start a colony on the New World Planet. Due to the experimental nature and risks involved, convict couples were selected, and put into cryogenic hibernation for the first voyage. Justin LeMoore, a Social Worker at a Federal Prison, was recruited to be the Mental Health Coordinator on the mission. Little did he know he'd be caught up in a forbidden attraction to Cindy Wong, one of the female convicts. Cindy was an abused wife, and sexual abuse victim who had killed her abusive husband. Vidula and Ervin Kezenskie, two brilliant narcissistic convicts, while in prison, actually helped design the Space Train. Justin was concerned the Kezenskie's planned to use the Train, and its mission to gain their freedom, and become powerful dictators on the New World. He attempted to have them removed from the mission, but failed, leaving only the voyage to reveal their true intents.

Product Details ISBN: 9781946043986
ISBN-10: 1946043982
Publisher: Lamont G. Olsen
Publication Date: June 8th, 2017
Pages: 372
Language: English