The Renaissance Sisters (Paperback)

The Renaissance Sisters By Wendy Cohan Cover Image

The Renaissance Sisters (Paperback)


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What would you do if an aunt, who you were just getting to know, left you a ranch you'd never seen, 1,500 miles from your rainy Northwest home? Newly-single Harper Crawley seizes a second-chance at happiness.

With the ink not-yet dry on her divorce papers, landscape designer Harper Crawley meets up in Santa Fe with her sister Paige for the reading of their late Aunt Sabina's will. Major surprise-the Crawley sisters are now the co-owners of a derelict ranch in Verde Springs, New Mexico. Despite its sagging chicken coops and a resident bat colony, Harper falls in love with the juniper-covered hills and walls of red rimrock surrounding the neglected property. Soon, Harper is stuffing herself with Maggie's enchiladas and flirting with local contractor Caleb Johansson-while his adorable five-year-old daughter Ellie wanders the ranch with their two rescue pups. Aspen groves and fields of flowers miraculously thrive in the high-desert as Harper works hard to create the garden of her dreams. Then, out of nowhere, Ellie's mom, Mariah, returns after a traumatic two-year absence. Money troubles threaten the ranch, and Harper's ex appears like a serpent in their newfound paradise. But when the Crawley sisters put their stubborn heads together, they're magically unstoppable.

Product Details ISBN: 9781950495375
ISBN-10: 195049537X
Publisher: Lucid House Publishing LLC
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2023
Pages: 312
Language: English