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Beyond Reason: How To Deal With Difficult Loved Ones (Paperback)

Beyond Reason: How To Deal With Difficult Loved Ones Cover Image
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Understanding oneself is fundamental in building healthy relationships. understanding others especially the people who have disabilities that are not readily apparent is another. Do yourself a favor-read this book and reflect.Divided into the following five sections: Codependency, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders and Recovery, this book provides the knowledge people need to better understand themselves and their relationships with others. It is for everyone who wants to consider the logical approach of solving relationship problems and for millions of people who make incorrect assumptions that other people think like they do and will therefore understand their logical explanations.In this book, the author shares her experiences, strengths and hopes. Instead of telling the readers what they should do, she shares interesting stories about her life and the lives of her clients to convey healthy, interactive relationship skills. After reading this book, readers will understand the part their subconscious mind plays in their mate selection. It will help themheal their childhood wounds and prepare them to create functional relationships with all the difficult people in their lives.
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ISBN: 9781951932152
ISBN-10: 1951932153
Publisher: Legaia Books USA
Publication Date: April 16th, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English