The Weirdest Animals of the World Book for Kids: Surprising photos and weird facts about the strangest animals on the planet! (Wonderful World of Animals #2) (Hardcover)

Take a journey around the world to discover the oddest, strangest, most unusual animals on the planet in this newest addition to the best-selling Wonderful World of Animals series *Surprising photos and weird facts for kids ages 5-12*

From snub-nosed monkeys to gharials and babirusas to warty frogfishes- this book is brimming with fascinating full-color photos of some of the world's most curious creatures. This surprising collection showcases many unusual and strange species such as giant isopods, dugongs, maned wolves, and jabirus

The Weirdest Animals of the World Book for Kids is a standout picture book to educate and delight boys and girls who enjoy animals of all kinds. Whether they swim in the sea, leap through the trees, scurry on the ground, or soar in the sky, strange and special creatures can be found everywhere

Learn bizarre facts such as:

  • The blue blood of horseshoe crabs is used to make medicines and vaccines
  • Ocean sunfishes cannot close their mouths
  • Golden tortoise beetles use their poop to make shields
  • And so much more...

Don't miss out on this wonderful book for curious kids ages 5-12, animal lovers, and future veterinarians It is the perfect gift for children for birthdays, Christmas, or other holiday celebrations. BUY NOW
Product Details ISBN: 9781952328947
ISBN-10: 1952328942
Publisher: Starry Dreamer Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: February 1st, 2022
Pages: 66
Language: English
Series: Wonderful World of Animals