The Lights in the Church (Hardcover)

The Lights in the Church By Marilee Joy Mayfield, Max Dolynny (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Lights in the Church (Hardcover)


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The perfect story for children to uncover the power and beauty behind these true stories of faith

In The Lights In The Church, a brother and sister get lost in the forest. They stumble upon a church in the middle of the forest. As they walk closer, the doors won't open, but as hymns are heard they approach the windows and something amazing happens...the stained-glass windows come to life, and they witness miraculous bible stories.

Discover beautiful timeless & essential stories to grow in God's love

Not all those that wander are lost. When a pair of siblings stumble upon stainless-glass windows that depict the miracles of Jesus Christ, they learn that having faith and having each other is the most important thing in the world. The siblings learn powerful lessons that Jesus teaches them rooted in selflessness, forgiveness, generosity, respect, and unconditional love.

Walk in the path of Jesus Christ to find peace, love, and joy

Up ahead in a clearing, shone splendid rays of light... It was a beautiful church, a beacon in the night. They looked at God's beauty that was all around, They forgot they were lost...inner peace was soon found. The Lights In The Church teaches kids that if they believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and follow his path, they will find peace, safety, warmth, and love.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781953177346
ISBN-10: 1953177344
Publisher: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream
Publication Date: September 11th, 2020
Pages: 50
Language: English