The Locker Exchange (Paperback)

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The Locker Exchange (Paperback)


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For Westwood junior Brynn Cadence, high school drama is taken to a whole new level when she discovers the dead body of a classmate on the football field one Friday night. When she tells the police she saw a masked figure fleeing up the bleachers, they dismiss her and label the death accidental.

With no one believing what she saw, Brynn’s internal walls start to go up. But there’s one wall she has no control over—the one that separates her and Kyler Fellan’s gym lockers. That’s right, Brynn opens her locker only to find herself face-to-face with the shirtless abs of the school’s star football player and resident flirt.

While not an unwelcome surprise, Brynn knows she should leave her fluttering feelings for Kyler on the locker room floor in order to focus on exposing the truth of her classmate’s death. But Kyler’s top jock status has made him privy to some potentially useful gossip, making him a helpful and trustworthy partner in her investigation. As two find themselves delving deeper into the case, they are inevitably drawn closer to each other—even if that isn’t safe for either of them.

Ann Rae has been expressing herself through stories ever since she could talk. She started posting her stories online when she was thirteen years old, and since then, her film degree has given her a broader view of narrative, helping her to create and immerse herself in stories of any form. Half Taiwanese, Ann spends a lot of time both in the United States and Asia, and often draws inspiration from her personal experiences. Her debut novel, The Locker Exchange, has amassed over twenty-six million reads and forty-six thousand followers on Wattpad. Ann currently resides in Colorado.
Product Details ISBN: 9781989365830
ISBN-10: 1989365833
Publisher: Wattpad Books
Publication Date: July 12th, 2022
Pages: 264
Language: English