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Shooting star makes discover her culture (Paperback)

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This is book number 5 in the Shooting Star series.


The association Angelique's stories, with the support of many parents, publishes books that raise children's awareness of differences in everyday life, whether it be illnesses and disabilities, but also other family patterns and cultures.

Through her books, Ang lique also raises children's awareness of Nature and ecology through stories that are always touching and beautifully illustrated by her.

Among her stories, here is the one dealing with the theme of Amerindian culture.


Do you like Amerindians and would like to introduce your child to them?

Are you interested in ecology and would like to make your child aware of this subject?

The association Angelique's stories puts itself at the level of children and makes pedagogy while making them dream through its books and illustrations.

Rather than a History class, our pretty drawings will quickly make your child understand the beauty and magic of the Amerindian culture.

Get ready to set off on a fabulous journey to the past centuries and live as in the time of the Amerindians.

Close your eyes with your child and let yourself be transported from discovery to discovery

Discover the Amerindian spirit and its deep love for the Earth.

Get to know the totem animals and the different lessons they have to teach, from the smallest earthworm to the largest land animal.

Learn how Indian names were given to people in the past, how their tipis were arranged for winter and summer, how they made their cooking and war utensils.

With wood? Well, no

Find out how mothers gave birth to their babies, and how they rocked them as they walked through the woods.

Also find out how little girls and boys were brought up, a life of patience and observation of nature. This one was the school and the animals were the teachers

Take a tender look at the Amerindian grandparents who taught the children the legends of their tribe.

Learn how couples of lovers were formed, and how Amerindians of the past married. Horses were the faithful assistants of the courtiers who wanted to seduce their beautiful

Finish this book by discovering what the buffalo represented for all the Amerindian peoples, and why these animals were so precious to them.

Do you feel like plunging now into the past? Then don't wait any longer, a wonderful journey awaits you at the borders of past centuries in the company of a people who will make your child dream thanks to their spirituality and freedom.

A book that will teach your child to listen to the Earth and the animals in order to learn from them.
Product Details
ISBN: 9798685996756
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 13th, 2020
Pages: 82
Language: English
Series: Shooting Star