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The Adventures of Captain Polo: Polo in East Africa: learn about climate change with this beautifully illustrated graphic novel! (Paperback)

The Adventures of Captain Polo: Polo in East Africa: learn about climate change with this beautifully illustrated graphic novel! Cover Image
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After dodging the bullets of a trophy hunter in Kenya and escaping a furious crowd in Cairo, an unexpected European encounter puts Captain Polo on the path to fulfilling his true destiny.

Captain Polo in East Africa uniquely combines the entertainment value of Tintin-style graphic novel adventure, humour and geographically accurate settings with insightful education on climate change and positive action.

"Everyone needs to know about climate change and the adventures of Captain Polo do just that. The illustrations give clarity to the concept and give the story a good pace and movement." - Readers Favorite

"The importance of conveying the climate change message to as wide a range of audiences as possible is more apparent now than ever before. This comic provides an excellent example of how this can be achieved." - Dr. Ashton Berry, Global Climate Change Programme Coordinator, BirdLife International.

Traveling the world to learn about climate change is dangerous work: after braving the perils of the African savanna, a journey down the River Nile takes Captain Polo into Egypt and beyond. Polo's final challenge involves breaking out of London Zoo, where he makes his first encounter with the most unlikely of companions...

Today's climate emergency is nothing short of an existential crisis threatening life on Earth as we know it. The uncertain future is the cause of increasing anxiety, particularly among the younger generations. Book 3 in this series of educational adventure comics complements the previous two books to provide yet deeper insight on the causes, effects and solutions to climate change within the framework of a fast-paced fiction story packed with action, humour and exotic settings.

'Captain Polo's Climate Change Classroom', a section at the end of the book that defines some of the more technical terms and concepts explored in the story offers a valuable resource for all readers to enhance their understanding and ability to take action as agents of change.

Originally a lonely and confused polar bear, Captain Polo has undergone a life-changing transformation. Get your copy of Polo in East Africa to find out what it is

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ISBN: 9798723048164
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Pages: 38
Language: English