8-bit Kingdom: Medieval tales of computer technology (Paperback)

8-bit Kingdom: Medieval tales of computer technology By Joe Lacey Cover Image

8-bit Kingdom: Medieval tales of computer technology (Paperback)


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Get ready for an unbelievable adventure The modern-day computer world is brought to life in the medieval origin tales of 8-bit Kingdom. In this land of magic and science the modern computer age is born. Because we all know without the use of magic, there would be no science. Illustrated in classic 8 bit pixel art

Journey to a wondrous land of computers and dragons illustrated in classic 8-bit pixel art

  • Wizards use computer programming to cast spells and fight evil
  • King Octavious the Eighth ushers in the modern computer age - over 1,200 years ago in the year 800 P.C. (Post Computers)
  • The Malware Monarch and his army of hideous ogres, storm worms, and hackers maliciously attack all that is good
  • Fantastic creatures fill the skies, seas, and cosmos
  • Ancient artifacts reveal the origins of computer technology

If you are a self-professed "computer nerd" and retro fantasy video game enthusiast, or simply love stories of dragons, dungeons, and wizards, then 8-bit Kingdom is the book for you

FROM THE AUTHOR: I made this book because of my love of classic arcade games of the 80s. There is something joyful in those little jagged edges and square circles moving around the screen. It's impressive just how much character and emotion can be expressed in even the smallest pixel art image. A great amount of information can be delivered with just a few pixels. Thirty pixels can depict a heroic fighter or cowardly person. A pixel placed high - the character is happy, a pixel placed low - the character is angry.

The idea of simple pixel art is actually an oxymoron. It can be quite a challenge placing the correct pixel in the correct location to achieve the correct effect. So, welcome to 8-bit Kingdom A collection of tales that blend retro gaming, personal computing, and fantasy role-playing fully illustrated in classic 8-bit pixel art I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986330044
Publisher: Diner Mighty
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2023
Pages: 92
Language: English