Boy in Bloom


by Nina Powers

Ollie Cunningham has just been pushed in front of a train. At least that’s how it feels facing his dad’s high expectations, the pressure to make his own decisions, and the daunting prospect of growing up. That’s why having Ryan Calloway as a roommate his senior year at the all-boys boarding school where his father is also headmaster is a breath of fresh air. On the surface, Ryan is Ollie’s antithesis--outgoing, relaxed, unpredictable--but as the two form a friendship that blossoms into a romance, both realize that youth is a finite resource and they are truly unprepared for the future. Walking the fine line between adolescence and adulthood, each boy is forced to ask the question neither of them wants to ask: What’s next?  

Written by a LGBTQIA+ teenager, this book seeks to answer questions about sexuality and growing up that many teens face today, all with a touch of humor and romance.


FICTION | Paperback | 2020

ISBN: 9781733263351


Price: $16.95