Community Partners

Print: A Bookstore is dedicated to not only being part of the community but also supporting other organizations and businesses! Below is a list of some of our community partnerships, but we are always looking to partner more! If you'd like to partner with us, you can email our community coordinator at

ACLU Maine
The ACLU of Maine is the state's guardian of liberty. We are active in the courts, the legislature and the public sphere to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and to extend their promises to all Mainers. Our priority issues include criminal justice reform, reproductive freedom, racial justice, immigrants' rights, LGBTQ rights, women's rights, voting rights, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and religion, and privacy. 
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Banded Brewing Co.
Banded Brewing – originally Banded Horn Brewing – is Biddeford, Maine’s first brewery, established in 2013 by Ian McConnell, their Portland location opened in October of 2020. Banded stands for solidarity – “banding together” – both in and out of the beer industry. They prioritize collaboration and keep community at the forefront of everything they do. They strive to produce a high quality and varied lineup of beers that ranges from the traditional to the avant-garde, all of which share a paramount characteristic: balance.
Books & Beer Community Book Club

Cooking for Community
Cooking for Community is a Portland, Maine-based, grassroots organization that raises money to hire local restaurants that need work to prepare healthy meals for people who need food. Their social service affiliates then distribute these comforting meals to the underserved in our communities, creating a matrix of outreach no single entity could deliver alone.
March 2021 Community List

Equality Community Center
The ECC currently houses EqualityMaine, MaineTransNet, PFLAG, Pride Portland!, SAGE Maine (a program of EqualityMaine), Cross Cultural Community Services, Democracy Maine, and Khmer Maine. Their programs make a difference in the lives of thousands of LGBTQ+ people through advocacy, education, community events and support.
Reading the Rainbow Queer Book Club

EqualityMaine is the oldest and largest statewide organization dedicated to creating a fair and just society for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Mainers. Their mission is to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Maine through political action, community organizing, education, and collaboration. 
May 27, 2020 - Saundra Mitchell

Full Plates Full Potential
Full Plates Full Potential is a coalition of community leaders, stakeholders and advocates working to end child hunger in Maine. Today, at least 80,000 Maine Public School children rely on school meals to get the nutrition they need. And even though these students qualify for school meals, too many of them face barriers to accessing school meals. We work to ensure that every eligible child has access to nutritious food so that they can learn, grow and thrive.

I'm Your Neighbor Books
I’m Your Neighbor Books strives to build a stronger America, one where immigrants are welcomed and where first-through-third-generation Americans truly belong. Through their Welcoming Libraires, New Arrival / New American Children's Book Catalog, and Rabid Response Book boxes they facilitate deep engagement with the children’s books that represent our New Arrival and New American communities.
Katherine Marsh and Kirsten Cappy discussing THE LOST YEAR, in support of I'm Your Neighbor Books

Indigo Arts Alliance
Indigo Arts Alliance embodies a Black-led, multiracial approach to the rich intersections of citizenship, community-building, and creativity. More than ever, our world needs people who can help us imagine more compassionate, generous, and welcoming human societies. Indigo does that work. It is a great gift to the Portland community, to the region, and to our nation!
Beautiful Blackbird Festival 2021
Beautiful Blackbird Festival 2020

League of Women Voters of Maine
The LWVME is a chapter of the League of Women Voters, an organization born out of the suffrage movement of 1920 that continues to work doggedly towards voter accessability and participation for all Americans. Active in all 50 states, DC, the Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong, the LWV is dedicated to a democracy and a nation in which we all have the ability to vote.

Ladies Adventure Club Maine
"In the summer of 2015, I fell in love with a show on Netflix called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Miss Phryne Fisher, a 1920s Australian feminist and lady detective, is independent, irreverent, intelligent, brave, and very much her own person. She’s everything I want to be. And she inspired me to start the Ladies Adventure Club here in Maine. I imagine that if you are visiting this website, you want more adventure in your life or want to share your adventures with a group of fun, friendly, and supportive women. Check out our adventure offerings, read out trip reports for a flavor of what we do, and feel free to be in touch." – Gillian Schair, Founder

Lewiston Public Library
At over a century old, the Lewiston Public Library today is an invaluable community asset. This important public repository of knowledge and culture serves as a focal point for education and information in Lewiston. It provides a wide range of needed information services to users of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and, in so doing, it remains both a significant institutional symbol and a core working component of our democratic society.
Read Your Mind: Teen Health Series 2022
Read Your Mind: Teen Health Series 2021

Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance
The MWPA brings together Maine writers, editors, publishers, booksellers, and literary professionals at all stages of their careers to sharpen craft, create community, and celebrate great writing. The MWPA fosters a greater awareness and readership of Maine writers; builds networks of writers, readers, and publishers; creates opportunities for writers to improve their craft; and acts as the foremost authority on Maine literary news, keeping our members and the public alike engaged and informed. 

Mano en Mano
Mano en Mano works with farmworkers and immigrants to thrive in Maine. They envision a stronger, more inclusive Downeast Maine where the contributions of diverse communities are welcomed, access to essential services, education and housing are ensured, and social justice and equity are embraced.

Mechanics Hall
In 1815, the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association was the fellowship for Portland’s creative community: the blacksmiths, coopers, carpenters, and more.  Between 1857 and 1859, they built Mechanics’ Hall to house their library and become a communal gathering space. Today’s Mechanics’ Hall connects to that rich history by inspiring and enriching the community while promoting ingenuity, creativity, innovation and the diffusion of useful knowledge.
First Friday Reading Series

The Opportunity Alliance
The Opportunity Alliance works with people to build better lives and stronger communities. We provide advocacy, leadership, and support to identify the goals and address the needs of individuals, families, and communities. The Opportunity Alliance envisions contributing meaningfully to a community in which families and individuals are thriving and supported as they pursue their aspirations for a better life.

Pine Island Camp
Their purpose is to give boys an adventurous, happy, and safe summer experience in an atmosphere that increases self-confidence, broadens knowledge, and strengthens character. To this end, Pine Island Camp keeps its enrollment small, its program varied and imaginative, and its life simple, unplugged, and close to nature. In this age of cell phones, computers, and social media, a summer at Pine Island offers boys the opportunity to grow in physical skills, imagination, and self-confidence, away from the screens and clamor that dominate our world. They believe it is self-confidence above all that promotes the growth of all the other qualities that we want for our children, including independence coupled with a concern for others, honesty, generosity, a sense of humor, and the ability to find joy in life.
Library Wish List

Portland Public Library
Portland Public Library (PPL) is the city’s cultural center, serving 675,000 visitors annually at four locations and a bookmobile. Chartered in 1867, PPL is Maine’s oldest and largest public library system and is the most visited cultural institution in Maine. The library offers over 300,000 books, audiobooks, musical recordings, movies, and digital resources, and access to the collections of the world’s great libraries. We also provide robust internet access and free wireless connectivity. They present a wide variety of lectures, classes, exhibits, programs and performances for all ages. The library's mission is to build a city of readers.
Spotlight Lecture Series
Read Your Mind: Teen Health Series
Read Your Mind: Teen Health Series 2021

Portland Public Schools
Portland Public Schools is the public school district in Portland, Maine. The district operates eighteen primary and secondary schools and is the largest and most ethnically diverse school district in Maine. Their mission is to ensure a challenging, relevant, and joyful education that empowers every learner to make a difference in the world. They build relationships among families, educators, and the community to promote the healthy development and academic achievement of every learner.
Portland Reader Program
Ocean Ave Elementary Wish List

Portland Trails
Portland Trails transforms Greater Portland into a healthier community for people powered transportation, conservation, and recreation, by creating a network of trails and green spaces that connect people with places. Since 1991, Portland Trails has built and maintained a trail network serving residents and visitors throughout Greater Portland. The current trail network includes over 70 miles of trails and green space that reach within a half mile of every residence in Portland and connect thousands of residents across Greater Portland.

SPACE Gallery
SPACE is a nonprofit organization that supports contemporary arts projects, champions artists, and encourages an open exchange of ideas. Grounded in the belief that vital communities are activated by experimentation, conversation, and camaraderie, SPACE engages a wide audience with provocative arts programming and category-defying events. As a nexus for curious minds, we collaborate with original thinkers and invite the public to participate in the ongoing pursuit of adventurous ideas.

Speak About It
Speak About It is a non-profit consent education organization based in Portland, Maine. Speak About It uses theatre and dialogue to engage schools and communities in Maine and across the country in preventing violence, promoting sexual health, autonomy, and pleasure, and building a culture of consent. Learn more at and @wespeakaboutit 
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The Telling Room
The Telling Room empowers youth through writing and share their voices with the world. Focused on young writers ages 6 to 18, they seek to build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for their students. They believe that the power of creative expression can change our communities and prepare our youth for future success.
Show & Tell 2020
Telling Room Titles

Two Fat Cats Bakery
Two Fat Cats Bakery is committed to the honesty and legacy of scratch baking with an emphasis on American desserts and pies. We are focused on the experience of the customer and, in our food, value high-quality ingredients, time-honored baking traditions and techniques, and a humble creativity. Our goal is to modernize and bring back home-baked favorites to provide our customer with a memory of the past, but a taste sensation of the present. We do this through a love and pursuit of food history, particularly New England cooking, an openness to experimentation in all things, an adherence to high quality and, when possible, local ingredients, a respect for our customers’ advice and goodwill, and a loving determination to feed people and feed them well.
Two Fat Cats & Black History Month