School Wish Lists

Many teachers and faculty members have created wish lists on our website to fill their libraries and to use as teaching tools in the classroom. Below you can find a directory of school wish lists broken down by school. If you order something from one of these lists, they will be held at Print and the school will be notified.

If you are a teacher or faculty member at a school and would like to have your wish list included in this directory, please email us at

East End Community School

Library Book-Raiser

Ocean Ave

SeƱora Stevens - Spanish
Onos - Multi Lingual Learners Grades 2 & 3
Mrs. Hodgkins - Kindergarten
Ms. Kessler - 3rd Grade
Taylor - 3rd Grade
Rounds - 4th Grade
Ms.Weeks - 4th Grade
Cardona - 5th Grade

Reiche Community School

McFarland - Music Room
Ms. Wu - Kindergarten
Ms. Nangle - Kindergarten
Feenstra - 1st Grade
Ms. Liebling - 1st Grade
Ms. Lavoie - 2nd Grade
Mr. Briley - 3rd Grade
Ms. Graves - 3rd Grade
Perry - 4th Grade
Mrs. Murray - 5th Grade
Ms. McCallum

Rowe Elementary School

Clancy - Breathe K-2
Ms. Lenehan - Library
Ms. Spach - Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Resource Room
Sarah Allen - Pre K
Mrs. Cobblah - Pre K
Ms.Ali - Kindergarten
Ms. Levesque - Kindergarten
Mrs. Nelson - Kindergarten
Mrs. Smith - Kindergarten
Ms. Donohoe - 1st Grade
Ms. Williams - 1st Grade
Ms. Warren - 1st Grade
Ms. Howe - 1st Grade
Mrs. Chambers - 2nd Grade
Brozini - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Bufano - 3rd Grade
Ms. Fisher - 3rd Grade
Brandon - 4th Grade
Chepke - 4th Grade
Mirisola - 4th Grade
Ms. Feig - 5th Grade
Mr. Forrest - 5th Grade
Soules - 5th Grade

Gerald E. Talbot Community School

Coreena Behnke
Kimberly Chicca
Kiley Floridino
Paige Fors
Brenda Murphy
Ms. Pines
Allison Richards
Katie Symonds
Hanna Veins