Consignment Program

Print: A Bookstore is proud to support our local authors, and our consignment program affords us the opportunity to carry more independently published, self-published, and print-on-demand titles than we could through traditional purchasing. Because we are approached with regularity by authors hoping we will sell their books, we have created this written consignment policy so that all expectations and aspects of our consignment program are clear.

Please note that consignment inquiries that are not properly addressed and formatted (that is, sent to "" with the subject line "Consignment Inquiry") will not be considered.

  • For a book to be considered for consignment at PRINT, it must have the following;

    • A printed and bound spine displaying the title and author’s name (no staple or spiral bindings, please)

    • A cover displaying the title and author’s name

    • A 10- or 13-digit ISBN

  • We cannot accommodate walk-in or telephone inquiries about our consignment program. We invite you to review the consignment information here on our website and reach out via email.

  • When first inquiring about consignment via email, please supply the following;

    • the net/wholesale price of the book

    • title, author, and ISBN

    • cover image

    • a short synopsis

  • Unsolicited books - either sent by mail or delivered in person - will not be accepted, nor can we guarantee their return.

  • Review of books being considered for consignment can take up to three weeks. We will notify you via email of our decision regarding your book as soon as possible. Review decisions made by our buyers are final.

  • Consignment is labor-intensive: creating accounts, tracking sales, managing stock, and issuing payment must be done for each consigned author. Recognizing this, PRINT collects a non-refundable one-time fee of $25.00 per vendor/author we accept in our consignment program.

  • If PRINT accepts your books on consignment, we require two pieces of documentation;

  • Our consignment program offers authors a 60-40 sales split, with 60% of the cost of each book going to the author. Beyond the initial $25.00 administrative fee, authors pay PRINT nothing. We pay bi-annually for consignment sales.

  • PRINT has total discretion in regards to placement of your book both in-store and online. Like you, we want your book to sell, and will place it where we believe it has the greatest chance of success.

  • We review sales performance every six months to determine whether to keep titles in stock. If we choose to no longer stock a title, authors will be asked to pick up any remaining stock. Books will be held for one month after termination notification.

  • Again, please note that messages that are not properly addressed and formatted (that is, sent to "" with the subject line "Consignment Inquiry") will not be considered.