A Destiny Borrowed



Where does the Chosen One end and Ness Willows begin?

Nineteen-year-old Ness Willows is Taisen’s savior, prophesied to put down a violent rebellion and bring much-awaited peace to the kingdom.

Ness, an orphan raised and trained by Taisen’s elite, has learned to shoulder the weight of their destiny. But when the stubbornly independent hero is escorted on their task by a motley band of knights, the journey teaches them much about themself, the people who raised them, and the kingdom they’ve sworn to protect. Secrets are revealed, but the biggest question remains: Who will the Chosen One be once their destiny has been completed?

About the Author

Noor Sager is a young author whose debut novel, A Destiny Borrowed, was published at age seventeen. Born in Iraq and raised in Maine, Noor bounced around a few towns before settling in Gorham. Expect to see more tales of self-discovery and families of choice from Noor in the near future, but until then, SagerWritings.com holds more short stories and information.

FICTION | Paperback | 308 Pages | 2022

ISBN: 9781737593874

Price: $19.99