Echoes from the Basement

The Telling Room’s 2022 Anthology


Here, in Echoes from the Basement, alongside wonderfully creepy tales of suspect neighbors and creaking staircases are poems about self-discovery and the enigma of the universe. The anthology begins with this idea of the external mystery: an abandoned neighborhood, a bizarre family, the woods at night. It then dips into fantastical realms: a ghost ship bobbing in the open sea, a sparkling pendant necklace dangling curiously from the ceiling tiles. There are murders—of course!—a stabbing in a seaside inn, slaughter in the subway, and butchers at the bottom of the world—and these writers also wrestle with the quiet mysteries we encounter every day—with our family members, in ourselves as we grow from kids to teenagers, then teenagers into adults, and grows into the biggest mystery of all: Why are we here?

ANTHOLOGY | Paperback | 141 Pages | 2022

ISBN: 9781737593836

Price: $22.00