An Evening With Littoral Books: Agnes Bushell & Gillian Burnes in conversation with Katherine Hagopian Berry

Thursday, June 30, 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

This event will be held IN PERSON at Print: A Bookstore. Please note that PROOF OF VACCINATION IS REQUIRED for entry, and MASKS COVERING THE NOSE AND MOUTH MUST BE WORN while in the store. 

Come and celebrate the launch of Littoral’s latest books, Agnes Bushell’s Russian novel Monkey and Gillian Burnes’s “great public radio novel” Soft Features. 

Agnes and Gillian will read and then converse with poet Katherine Hagopian Berry and the audience about their books and all things literary.

Join us!

Set in Russia in the mid-nineteenth century, and written in the style of the great nineteenth century Russian novels, Monkey is the story of the search for a mysterious book, MONKEY, written by a young anarchist, Nikolai Barakov, son of one of Russia’s foremost poets. Rumored to contain a powerful and dangerous secret, it is sought by agents of the Tsar’s secret police as well as by the great medium and magician, Elena Blavatskaya, the cosmist philosopher, Fyodor Fyodorov, and Nikolai’s friend, the writer, Marko Volchek.

Each of them will discover that to find the book and its missing author it is not enough to track Barakov across the country, from the bordellos of St Petersburg to Odessa’s underground caverns, but to seek him by means of seances and along mystical, interdimensional pathways, for it is possible that MONKEY contains a key that has allowed Nikolai, with the help of his Muse, to escape not only Russia, but the confines of time.

A fantastic tale of mystery and adventure and also a deeply moving story of love and loss, Monkey is a rich and compelling novel, set in a world much like our own, in which laughter and tears, rebellion and mysticism, and danger and desire are never far apart.

It is 1995, and Coralie Threlfell, news reporter for Maine’s public radio station WMPR, is finding it hard to do her job. Ordinary stories – a boy killed on his bicycle, dogs found starving in outdoor cages, a family dying in a house fire – suddenly cause her to break into tears on the air. To continue working as a reporter, she’s going to have to find more cheerful stories to report on, but even these so-called soft features wind up landing her in all kinds of trouble. In a world where we are constantly exposed to news that tests the limits of our empathy, Soft Features examines, with humor and intelligence, how hard it is to live a good life despite the bad news we can’t help hearing every day.

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