Kensington Cozy Mystery Author-palooza!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Tuesday, April 10, 7:00PM
Rising Tide Brewery, East Room
103 Fox Street
Kensington Cozy Mystery Author-palooza!
Join Print: A Bookstore and Kensington Publishing “Cozy Mystery” Authors for night of fun, beer, and well, murder.  Excellent puns included.

Authors include:

Anne Canadeo, KNIT TO KILL: As their beloved Black Sheep member Lucy Binger prepares to tie the knot, the closely knit group decides they need a weekend to unwind before the big day. Suzanne Cavanaugh has just the spot - her friend Amy lives in a luxury New England community on Osprey Island, renowned for its famous cliff walk and spectacular ocean views, and she would be happy to host the knitters.  Shortly after their arrival, however, the idyllic setting turns into a crime scene. The body of a prominent resident of Osprey Shores is discovered on the rocky coastline below the cliffs and evidence suggests his fatal misstep was no accident. The well-known victim was not so well liked, it turns out, with many enemies eager to send him into an early - and permanent - retirement. When the investigation focuses on Amy's husband, the knitters step in to untangle the clues.  But with this crafty killer on the edge, the Black Sheep must walk a fine line - and look before they leap to any deadly conclusions.

Maddie Day, BISCUITS AND SLASHED BROWNS: As Robbie arranges a breakfast-themed cook-off at Pans 'N Pancakes, visitors pour into Brown County for the annual maple extravaganza. Unfortunately, that includes Professor Connolly, a know-it-all academic from Boston who makes enemies everywhere he goes - and this time, bad manners prove deadly. When an innocent woman gets dragged into the investigation and a biologist mysteriously disappears, Robbie drops her winning maple biscuits to search for answers. But can she help police crack the case before another victim is caught in a sticky situation with a killer?

Devon Delaney, EXPIRATION DATE (out 4/24/18, pre-orders available at the event):  After a short-lived marriage, Sherry Frazzelle is living single life to the fullest in her little Connecticut town, accompanied by her Jack Russell terrier, Chutney. Her new passion is competitive cooking - but it turns out that murder is the surprise ingredient. With contestants from Maine to California and a ten-thousand-dollar prize at stake, Sherry's latest competition, hosted by the CEO of an organic food company, is sure to be heated. But she's more than ready to step up to the stove. After all, she did win the award for Most Creative Cupcake back in high school. Today, she's hoping her flavorful pork tenderloin will sway the judges. Instead, it seems someone's decided to slay one of the judges.  After Chef Birns falls face first into the Seafood Flatbread Pizza, Sherry's dish is deemed suspicious. Now she'll have to stir through a stew of rule-breaking, corruption, and gossip to get herself off the chopping block, and find out who turned this food fight fatal.

Kaitlyn Dunnett, X MARKS THE SCOT:  After she hires an archivist to help her research a treasure map that she found at the Chadwick estate in Moosetookalook, Maine, Scottish Emporium owner Lisa MacCrimmon is horrified when the archivist is murdered, and takes it upon herself to find the killer.  

Jessica Ellicott, MURDER IN AN ENGLISH VILLAGE: 1920: Flying in the face of convention, legendary American adventuress Beryl Helliwell never fails to surprise and shock. The last thing her adoring public would expect is that she craves some peace and quiet. The humdrum hamlet of Walmsley Parva in the English countryside seems just the ticket. And, honestly, until America comes to its senses and repeals Prohibition, Beryl has no intention of returning stateside and subjecting herself to bathtub gin. For over three decades, Edwina Davenport has lived comfortably in Walmsley Parva, but the post-World War I bust has left her in dire financial straits and forced her to advertise for a lodger. When her long-lost school chum Beryl arrives on her doorstep - actually crashes into it in her red motorcar - Edwina welcomes her old friend as her new roommate. But her idyllic hometown has a hidden sinister side, and when the two friends are drawn in, they decide to set up shop as private inquiry agents, helping Edwina to make ends meet and satisfying Beryl's thirst for adventure. Now this odd couple will need to put their heads together to catch a killer--before this sleepy English village becomes their final resting place.

Sally Goldenbaum, MURDER WEARS MITTENS:  After retrieving fresh lobster nets from a local laundromat, Cass Halloran rushes to attend a last-minute gathering with her knitting circle. But Cass can't stop worrying about the lonely boy seen hanging around the dryers, and the school uniform he left behind in a hurry. When the ladies return the lost clothing the next day, they find the child and his younger sister alone, seemingly abandoned by their mother.  The knitters intend to facilitate a family reunion, not investigate a crime. But the death of Dolores Cardozo, a recluse from the edge of town, throws the group for a loop. Especially when the missing mother and one of their own become tied to the victim's hidden fortune - and her murder. Before scandalous secrets break bonds and rumors tear Sea Harbor apart, the Seaside Knitters need to string together the truth about Dolores - while preventing a greedy murderer from making another move!

Leslie Meier, BRITISH MANOR MURDER:  It's a nippy spring in Tinker's Cove, Maine and Lucy Stone can't wait to join her friend Sue in England for a "Heads Up!" hat exhibition. But at Moreton Manor, privileged life isn't always tea and crumpets.  Although the earl of the house and his sister are surprisingly accommodating to their jetlagged guests, Lucy feels uneasy after a fallen portrait sparks talk of a deadly family omen. The bad vibes come in quickly - snobby Aunt Millicent and her handmaiden Harrison unexpectedly drop by for the exhibition, and meals with the family are consistently tense. But real trouble begins when a body, bludgeoned by the chapel's gold-plated reliquary, is found in a hidden, sealed off room. Stranger still, the corpse is identified as Harrison's son, Cyril.  While Cyril wasn't exactly a gentleman, and it's unclear what business he had on the property, one thing's for sure - the criminal is privy to Moreton Manor secrets. And Lucy has a hunch that the killer has been in her company all along, just waiting for a chance to make blue blood run red. Counts, countesses, and corpses highlight Lucy Stone's trip across the pond.

Liz Mugavero, CUSTOM BAKED MURDER:  Summer is winding down in Frog Ledge, Connecticut, but Stan’s love life and career are both heating up nicely. In between planning her new pet patisserie and cafe, Stan is settling into living-in-bliss with sexy pub owner Jake McGee. Love’s on the menu for Stan’s mom, Patricia, too, who’s engaged to Frog Ledge’s mayor, Tony Falco. Mayor Falco’s dogged ambition isn’t popular among locals, but it’s his executive coach, Eleanor Chang, who’s inspired a dangerous grudge. When Eleanor is found dead, there’s a whole pack of suspects to choose from. Stan has first-hand experience of Eleanor’s unsavory business tactics. But finding out who forced her to take a fatal plunge off the corporate ladder means unearthing some shady secrets and a killer who’s too close for comfort.

Carlene O’Connor, MURDER IN AN IRISH CHURCHYARD:  It's official! Siobhan is now Garda O'Sullivan, and her five siblings couldn't be prouder. While brother James runs Naomi's Bistro, Siobhan is doing her part to keep the village safe. Of course, Kilbane is pretty quiet compared to a place like Dublin, where Macdara Flannery has gone to be a detective sergeant. Then one night the local priest summons Siobhan to the church cemetery. There's a dead man in the graveyard - above ground. He lies shot on a blanket of freshly fallen snow, hand stretched out toward a nearby headstone. He's a stranger, but the priest has heard talk of an American tourist in town, searching for his Irish ancestor. A detective sergeant is dispatched from Dublin to assist with the case, and as fate would have it, it's Macdara. After his parting, things are awkward between them, but they have to work together. They learn the victim was from Dublin - Dublin, Ohio, that is. And when his family members are located and told of his murder, the plot thickens. Siobhan begins to dig for a motive among the gnarled roots of the family tree. But as long-buried secrets are unearthed, she and Macdara will need to stay two steps ahead of the killer or end up with more than one foot in the grave.

Barbara Ross, STOWED AWAY:  It's June in Busman's Harbor, Maine, and Julia Snowden and her family are getting their authentic Maine clambake business ready for summer. Preparations must be put on hold, however, when a mysterious yacht drops anchor and delivers an unexpected dose of murder.

Misty Simon, CREMAINS OF THE DAY:  Tallulah Graver married wealthy to get out of the family funeral home business. To make ends meet after her marriage fails, Tallie turns to cleaning the mansions of the snobby socialites she used to call friends. At least she doesn't have to be around dead bodies, until she discovers one of her employers lying in a closet with a knife sticking out of her chest.

Lea Wait, TIGHTENING THE THREADS:  Antique dealer Sarah Byrne has never unspooled the truth about her past to anyone - not even friend and fellow Mainely Needlepointer Angie Curtis. But the enigmatic Aussie finally has the one thing she's searched for all her life - family. And now she and long-lost half-brother, Ted Lawrence, a wealthy old artist and gallery owner in town, are ready to reveal their secret connection. Ted's adult children are suspicious of their newfound aunt Sarah - especially after Ted, in declining health, announces plans to leave her his museum-worthy heirloom paintings. So when Ted is poisoned to death during a lobster bake, everyone assumes she's guilty. If Sarah and Angie can't track down the real murderer in time, Sarah's bound to learn how delicate - and deadly - family dynamics can truly be.

Rising Tide Brewing
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Portland, ME 04101
Biscuits and Slashed Browns (A Country Store Mystery #4) By Maddie Day Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496711212
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Published: Kensington - January 30th, 2018

Expiration Date (A Cook-Off Mystery #1) By Devon Delaney Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781496714435
Published: Kensington - April 24th, 2018

British Manor Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery #23) By Leslie Meier Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780758277114
Published: Kensington - July 25th, 2017

Custom Baked Murder (A Pawsitively Organic Mystery #5) By Liz Mugavero Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781496700193
Published: Kensington - December 27th, 2016

Stowed Away (A Maine Clambake Mystery #6) By Barbara Ross Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496700414
Availability: At Our Partner Warehouse - Arrives in 2 to 5 Days
Published: Kensington - December 26th, 2017

Cremains of the Day (A Tallie Graver Mystery #1) By Misty Simon Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781496712219
Published: Kensington - October 31st, 2017

Tightening the Threads (A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery #5) By Lea Wait Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496706287
Availability: Backordered and/or In Reprint - May Not Be Available for Some Time
Published: Kensington - March 28th, 2017