STORY TIME: Rebecca Sheir and Eric Shimelonis present A TALE OF THE UNWELCOME GUEST and A TASTE OF HONEY

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

This event will be held IN PERSON at Print: A Bookstore. Please note that MASKS COVERING THE NOSE AND MOUTH MUST BE WORN while in the store. 

The creators of the award-winning podcast Circle Round, produced by WBUR radio (Boston's NPR station), bring their beloved combination of folktales and storytelling activities to book form in the first branded Circle Round book series. Podcast host, Rebecca Sheir, has uncovered folktales from a broad range of traditions, all exploring timeless values, such as kindness, generosity, acceptance, and more. 

Join Rebecca for a live reading of each book, while Eric Shimelonis provides musical accompaniment on the sitar and oud. Both books will be available for purchase and there will be a signing after storytime!



The town beside the sea was abuzz with the news. The governor was holding a grand banquet and everyone was invited—everyone! But no one was as excited as Nasruddin. 

On the day of the celebration, Nasruddin works hard in his vineyard picking and squishing grapes. He planned to wear his special long red silk coat, but at the end of the day it’s too late for him to go home and change! When he arrives at the banquet in his grape-juice-stained work clothes, he looks different from what the townspeople were expecting. But Nasruddin is a clever fellow—and he figures out a most delicious way to teach the town a lesson about judging people for the way they look.  

The colorful illustrations of Turkish-born artist Mert Tugen complement Circle Round podcast host Rebecca Sheir's original adaptation of this Middle Eastern folktale. 




In a village in the countryside lived a woman named Kamala who had the most delicious honey you’ve ever tasted. She collected honey from her hives to sell at the market, but business was slow, and she and her father were struggling to get by. Kamala knew she had to do something, so when she heard that the king’s son was getting married and all the villagers were invited to the party, she got an idea.

When Kamala’s first plan doesn’t exactly work out and seven tricky thieves try to steal from her, she has to rely on her own wits to outsmart them—and discovers a rather sweet reward.

The colorful illustrations of Chaaya Prabhat, who lives in Chennai, India complement Circle Round podcast host Rebecca Sheir's original adaptation of this traditional Indian folktale. Specially designed to be read aloud and shared, the story is accompanied by questions and prompts for conversation, along with creative storytelling activities.

The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest: Nasruddin Teaches the Town a Lesson; A Circle Round Book By Rebecca Sheir, Mert Tugen (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Rebecca Sheir, Mert Tugen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781635863147
Availability: Recently On Our Shelves
Published: Storey Publishing, LLC - June 28th, 2022

A Taste of Honey: Kamala Outsmarts the Seven Thieves; A Circle Round Book By Rebecca Sheir, Chaaya Prabhat (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Rebecca Sheir, Chaaya Prabhat (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781635864922
Availability: At Our Partner Warehouse - Arrives in 2 to 5 Days
Published: Storey Publishing, LLC - June 28th, 2022

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