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The Literary Collection Loose Leaf Tea | 5 x 10g Bags

Submitted by JoshC on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 3:28pm

The Literary Collection Loose Leaf Tea | 5 x 10g resealable bags of loose leaf tea

What goes together better than a good book and a cup of tea? Nothing! Relax with your favourite story and a cup from First Edition Tea Co.'s Literary Tea Collection. 5 unique and delicious blends based on your favorite works of classic literature. From the page, to your cup!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND | Almond & Marzipan Rooibos Black Tea
It's always tea time. Indulge with this sweet and floral blend of rooibos and black tea, filled with rose petals. A candy sweet blend that just says "Drink me!"

SHERLOCK HOLMES | Smoked English Breakfast Tea
A mysterious blend of traditional English Breakfast tea packed with plenty of pipe smoke, a hint of bergamot, nettle, and a surprising touch of honey sweetness. Perfect for sipping while lost in your mind palace. It's elementary.

THE GREAT GATSBY | Lemon & Lavender Green Tea
Perfect for a party, old sport. Starts out green as cash, brews up rich as gold. Tastes like lemon cakes and luxury. Add a splash of gin for a really swell cocktail; a little party never killed nobody.

JANE EYRE | Currant & Spice Black Tea
This tea is anything but poor, obscure, and plain. A solid black tea with a wild and free heart, an independent will, and all the warmth of a hearth in a home long searched for. Reader, it's delicious.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE | Citrus & Roasted Mate Herbal Tea
The herbal blend looks beautiful, but it's got a thrilling bite to it. A sweet and fruity blend with a kick of tangy citrus and energizing roasted mate. A tea that will bewitch you, body and soul.

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