MWPA Presents: A Night of Fierce and Fabulous Short Story Writers

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Hosted by the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance via Zoom.

Join the MWPA for A Night of Fierce and Fabulous Short Story Writers featuring Laura van den Berg, Farah Ali, and Danielle Evans! 

Laura van den Berg: I Hold a Wolf by the Ears, Laura van den Berg’s first story collection since her prizewinning book The Isle of Youth, draws readers into a world of wholly original, sideways ghost stories that linger in the mouth and the mind. Both timeless and urgent, these eleven stories confront misogyny, violence, and the impossible economics of America with van den Berg’s trademark spiky humor and surreal eye. Moving from the peculiarities of Florida to liminal spaces of travel in Mexico City, Sicily, and Iceland, I Hold a Wolf by the Ears is uncannily attuned to our current moment, and to the fears we reveal to no one but ourselves. In “Lizards,” a man mutes his wife’s anxieties by giving her a LaCroix-like seltzer laced with sedatives. In the title story, a woman poses as her more successful sister during a botched Italian holiday, a choice that brings about strange and destructive consequences, while in “Karolina,” a woman discovers her prickly ex-sister-in-law in the aftermath of an earthquake and is forced to face the truth about her violent brother. I Hold a Wolf by the Ears presents a collection of women on the verge, trying to grasp what’s left of life: grieving, divorced, and hyperaware, searching, vulnerable, and unhinged, they exist in a world that deviates from our own only when you look too closely. With remarkable control and transcendent talent, van den Berg dissolves, in the words of the narrator of “Slumberland,” “that border between magic and annihilation,” and further establishes herself as a defining fiction writer of our time.

Danielle Evans: Danielle Evans is widely acclaimed for her blisteringly smart voice and x-ray insights into complex human relationships. With The Office of Historical Corrections, Evans zooms in on particular moments and relationships in her characters’ lives in a way that allows them to speak to larger issues of race, culture, and history. She introduces us to Black and multiracial characters who are experiencing the universal confusions of lust and love, and getting walloped by grief—all while exploring how history haunts us, personally and collectively. Ultimately, she provokes us to think about the truths of American history—about who gets to tell them, and the cost of setting the record straight. In “Boys Go to Jupiter,” a white college student tries to reinvent herself after a photo of her in a Confederate-flag bikini goes viral. In “Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain,” a photojournalist is forced to confront her own losses while attending an old friend’s unexpectedly dramatic wedding. And in the eye-opening title novella, a black scholar from Washington, DC, is drawn into a complex historical mystery that spans generations and puts her job, her love life, and her oldest friendship at risk.

Farah Ali: Farah Ali is from Karachi, Pakistan. Most of the time she writes stories. Her work won the 2020 Pushcart Prize and received special mention in the 2018 Pushcart anthology. Her more recent stories can be found in Shenandoah, The Arkansas International, The Southern Review, and Kenyon Review online.

The Office of Historical Corrections: A Novella and Stories By Danielle Evans Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781594487330
Published: Riverhead Books - November 10th, 2020

I Hold a Wolf by the Ears: Stories By Laura van den Berg Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374102098
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - July 28th, 2020

The Pushcart Prize XLlV: Best of the Small Presses 2020 Edition (The Pushcart Prize Anthologies #44) By Bill Henderson Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781888889963
Published: Pushcart Press - December 10th, 2019

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