A New Land


Since 2004, The Telling Room has been nurturing the voices and publishing the work of some of today’s most talented and inspiring young poets and writers. Organized into three sections mirroring the transitional stages from childhood into adulthood, A New Land packages thirty groundbreaking poems from The Telling Room’s first fifteen years. Follow one narrator as he revisits the winding river in Cameroon where he grew up. Feel how one of these poets feels when watching her younger brother grow into a black man in the world. Imagine the horror of a wildfire in the midst of climate change. Listen to one young woman describe the joys and tribulations of teenage motherhood. The poems here offer a stunning exploration of coming-of-age and a triumphant chorus of American youth, whose voices make up their “new land” and also reckon with the social issues that impact us all.

Early Praise
“An utterly moving collection of youth poetry that mirrors the face of America. Artfully arranged, these poems plumb a multitude of experiences ranging from migration and family separation, to race and gun violence, to first love and sexuality. Through these young poets’ eyes we see the world, we too, wish to re-conceive alongside them; through their courage and honesty we navigate the social challenges they strive to re-write.” — Richard Blanco, Presidential Inaugural Poet, author of How to Love a Country.

A New Land introduces us to a generation of remarkable writers. In poems full of rich language and moving detail, we come to see suffering, love, and yearning through their eyes. I felt like a traveler seeing places for the first time, awakened to the possibility, power, and consequences of each moment we are given.” — Stuart Kestenbaum, Poet Laureate of Maine, author of Only Now

“Bold and truthful, these poems spread a smile on your face, relieve your overwhelming stress, and make you laugh from the heart. A New Land is important; it brings awareness and helps us to understand and appreciate youth experiences. Everybody, old and young, needs to have a chance to read this book.” — Kifah Abdulla, artist, poet, activist, and author of Mountains Without Peaks

“This is a breathtaking collection of literature that captures the vibrant spirit of youth voices, as it chooses to narrate itself authentically. A New Land dares its readers to ask themselves, ‘What about a memory can spark a muse if our lives were only told by a collection of poems?’” — Nyamuon-Nguany Machar, poet, spoken word artist, and youth educator

Comp Titles
Fresh Ink • Edited by Lamar Giles • 9781524766313 • Paperback • $9.99 • July 2019
Our Stories, Our Voices • Edited by Amy Reed • 9781534409002 • Paperback • $11.99 • March 2020
Somebody Give This Heart a Pen • Sophia Thakur • 9781536209921 • Hardcover • $16.99 • September 2020

POETRY ANTHOLOGY | Paperback | 122 Pages | 2020

ISBN: 9781733263344

Price: $18.95