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Cover image for Daisy the Daydreamer featuring an illustration of a young girl riding a yellow school bus.Daisy’s head is always in the clouds, but she still cares about things on the ground—she just needs to find her own way to prove it.

No matter where she is or what she’s doing, Daisy’s imagination kicks in to make things more interesting. Her braids become fishing rods; the teeter totter launches her into space; the swings let her fly like a superhero. Most of the time, it’s great fun. 

But sometimes it causes trouble. She folds the little brother she’s supposed to be feeding and feeds the socks she should fold. Worst of all, Daisy longs to be line leader on a field trip to the aquarium, but the job is reserved for whoever can listen best to a lesson on octopuses. As hard as she tries, Daisy just can’t keep the distracted clouds from rolling over her head.

Still, Daisy is determined to show her teacher what she’s learned, in a way that works for her—she can draw! Daisy pours her heart into an illustrated guide to the octopus, and earns her own special job, as the field trip’s official artist.  

Brimming with Jennifer P. Goldfinger’s humor and whimsy, Daisy the Daydreamer celebrates every child who yearns to be appreciated for who they are, not criticized for what they aren’t. Daydreamers, doodlers, and free spirits alike will empathize with Daisy, and cheer her on as she becomes her own advocate.

Advanced Praise for Daisy the Daydreamer

"Without overtly labeling learning disabilities, Goldfinger offers sensitive yet hilarious reassurance about differences and creativity. (. . .) Early on, understated text mentions simple activities in Daisy’s life, while the illustrations show her imagination taking flight: As she brushes her teeth, she imagines herself as a rabbit; as she braids her hair, she envisions herself with Rapunzel-esque locks. The cartoonlike, mixed-media art is increasingly funny as it depicts the problems that accompany Daisy’s often scattered comprehension."
Kirkus Reviews

"Daisy “walks with her feet on the ground, and her head in the clouds,” a squiggly blue mass surrounding her head; it’s a fitting representation of the way she’s easily distracted and frequently caught up in her vivid imagination. Combining collage and printmaking textures to form shape-based illustrations, Goldfinger (Hello, My Name Is Tiger) shows pink-skinned Daisy immersed daily in an imaginative world of teeth-brushing rabbits, superhero exploits, and rocket journeys. (. . .) Noting that this story is based on her own experience with ADHD, Goldfinger portrays with deep compassion how being fully seen and understood can open up new possibilities."
Publisher's Weekly

Praise for Jennifer's previous book, Hello, My Name is Tiger

" Goldfinger's colored-in crayon scenes burst with energy and warmth, and she gets a lot of mileage with expressions that are little more than two dots for eyes and simple, soft lines for faces. (among their diverse class, Toby, Pete, and Lottie all have light skin.) the costumes look cozy and textured against expansive white backgrounds in compositions that are more sophisticated in the emotional, joyful moments they convey than the sketchy style would at first suggest. With savvy restraint, Goldfinger presents the magic of just watching three children raptly engaged in play."
Kirkus Reviews

"...loose crayon lines and washes of paint create a welcoming and nonthreatening school environment for the children to explore, while contributing a quiet visual humor that respects Toby's emotional life and catlike independent streak."
Publisher's Weekly

Author headshot of Jennifer Goldfinger, an adult caucasian female with shoulder length grey hair. Her head is tilted to the right and she has a slight smile, teeth visible.Jennifer P. Goldfinger is the author and illustrator of Hello, My Name is Tiger, My Dog Lyle, and A Fish Named Spot, and the illustrator of Lina Haywards’s The King’s Chorus. She is also a fine artist whose work has been featured in galleries and museums throughout the USA. She lives in Portland, Maine.


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