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Modest Proposals for a More Enjoyable Apocalypse

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Photograph of THIS WON'T HELPUnravel society’s great hypocrisies while laughing at their absurdity, with this collection of short, satirical essays from humor writer Eli Grober
In this laugh-out-loud collection of witty observations from a world that’s falling apart, Eli Grober leads readers into a comical house of horrors. With more than 75 new pieces and many of Grober’s most viral New Yorker and McSweeney’s humor essays, This Won’t Help exposes society’s precarious landscape of hypocritical, illogical, and dangerous leaders and ideals. Finding absurdity and toxic rhetoric everywhere he turns, Grober depicts how damaging certain mindsets and people can be as well as the dire consequences of our letting them persist. Satirizing issues of politics, economy, technology, climate change denial, and more, Grober’s biting, Swiftian wit spares no one—from the megalomaniacal billionaire abandoning our deteriorating Earth for a better life on an unlivable Mars to a clueless president begging the people to vote for change. 

This Won’t Help allows us to reflect upon our crazy world, laugh at its flaws, and recognize the ways we can seek truth, eschew absurdity, and call for change.

Eli Grober's headshotEli Grober is an American satirist. He is a longtime humor contributor to The New Yorker and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and has authored some of their most-read humor pieces. He writes the weekly satirical newsletter Here’s Something, and he is a former staff writer for The Tonight Show.



Praise for This Won't Help

“Guaranteed, nonstop laughs (and only some sobbing). At this point, ditching plastic straws probably won’t save our dying planet, but buying this book will at least ensure that you’ll be laughing as the world burns. Worse comes to worst, you can roll up the pages and make yourself some paper straws.”—Emma Allen, humor and cartoon editor for The New Yorker

This Won’t Help is a veritable chef’s kiss of biting, of-the-moment satire. This book may not save the world, but then again . . . maybe it will?”—Sarah Pappalardo, editor, Reductress

“If you’ve ever wished your anxieties had punch lines, this book is for you.”—Karen Chee, comedian and writer, Late Night with Seth Meyers

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ISBN: 9781615199990
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Published: The Experiment - October 24th, 2023