The Voice of a Lion


The Voice Of A Lion is a collection of stories from The Telling Room's Young Writers & Leaders program. This book will take you back to times of simple joys and complex pain, from the yearning for a touch from kuyukuyu (grandmother) to life-threatening depression. The young authors in this anthology come together from many countries around the world, and from different Southern Maine high schools. They represent multiple races, faiths, traditions, and cultures. Some come from countries in crisis but still have the power to speak about courage. Some have been through the sting of losing a loved one but still choose to capture the magic in their lives.

These young people teach us that in a world filled with labels and dividers there are sacred elements that unite us. Sometimes it’s sharing a meal, other times it’s validating a truth, and during some special instances, unity comes when we find the ones who make us feel loved enough to tell our story.

Young Writers & Leaders is a free afterschool program that serves youth from international backgrounds. For thirty-two weeks students work to develop skills that begin with writing but grow to be so much more.

Price: $10.00