by Kathleen Thomas

2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Gold Medal Winner Rathka is a grief-hardened orphan leading a band of runaways-turned-thieves in an ancient desert oasis in Kathleen Thomas’s fantasy novel, Quick. For years, Rathka suppressed nightmares of her mother's murder while she cared for her adopted siblings, but the invasion of a mage and his army threatens her. The Band is the only family that Dar knows, and as Rathka's Second, he tasks himself with tempering her fiery nature. However, war on their small corner of the world becomes unavoidable, and he fears that none of them will make it out unbroken, let alone alive.

FICTION / FANTASY | Paperback | 302 Pages | 2018

ISBN: 9780999235072

Price: $12.95