Check out The Telling Room's 2021 Anthology Shadowboxing, featuring stories, poems, and personal narratives from across all Telling Room programs, curated by students in their Publishing Workshop!

This year, still amidst the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, brave students all across Maine came together at The Telling Room to share their words with the world. In these poems and stories, they dive into the complex ideas and emotions of grief and loss, time and growing up, and finding their way in an ever-changing world.

Connecting each of these stories and poems, as shadows in the boxes that are this book’s pages, is a feeling of being lost and found.

The pieces featured in this anthology teach us that there is perhaps not as much distinction between the two terms as previously thought. They teach us that anything imagined can be made real. That brilliant light breaks through densest shadow in even the most sheltered of boxes. That anything lost may be found again.

Price: $16.95