The Summer of Lost & Found

by Maya Denkmire


Emma Robinson’s childhood was idyllic, thanks in part to an intimate friendship between her large family and their neighbor, James, and his daughter, Rose. Or so Emma remembers. When Rose and James move back to town after six years away, Emma is overjoyed, basking in both nostalgia and exciting new developments in her relationship with Rose. But this reunion also sparks a dangerous downward spiral in Emma’s reserved younger brother, Sage. Soon, Emma realizes that Sage has been hiding something unspeakable that happened to him the last time Rose and her father were in town, and she is forced to make a choice between what she wants to believe and what she can no longer ignore.

FICTION | Paperback | 2021 | ISBN: 9781737593829

About the Author

Maya Denkmire is a graduate of Casco Bay High School whose overactive imagination has found its use in telling and writing stories. Besides writing, she loves cats, fall, and books that will make her cry. An avid member of Telling Room programs for many years, The Summer of Lost and Found is Maya’s first published work.

Price: $16.95