The Unraveling


by Devin Gifford

How quickly the world unravels…

A blinded world is a panicked world in this debut dystopian thriller. Several months ago, a thick, mysterious fog overcame the world, causing mass unexplained disappearances. Now, after her mother’s disappearance and her brother’s death, everything around Willow Clarke is unraveling. Plunged into a world controlled by gripping fear, Will must question everything as she picks apart a poem that her brother died protecting. Danger follows her. An organization desperately clinging to power will do anything to keep Will from discovering its secrets. She fights to follow the clues laid out for her, and one thing becomes clear about this frayed society: There are no monsters; only the people who’d have you believe in them.

Devin Gifford lives in North Yarmouth, Maine, and attends Greely High School. She has two dogs and an ornery cat. This is her third novel and her longest writing endeavor yet. She has spent most of her time this year writing and revising her book, as well as absorbing as much as she can in The Telling Room’s Young Emerging Authors program. In her free time, she likes making art and making up stories.

NOVEL | Paperback | 2020

ISBN: 9781733263375

Price: $16.95