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Worry Eater - Enno


Enno's a cool cat who kind of likes worries... he likes the TASTE of worries, that is!

With a mwrowr and a huge smile of a hundred tiny teeth, Enno can't wait to gobble up any worry you can feed him! But here's the catch: when he eats your worry, you have to let it go. You don't want a half-digested worry hanging around.

What's your worry? Do you have a bit of text anxiety? A new baby brother (and the thousand diapers he fills)? Moving to a new neighborhood? Friends you can't quite figure out? 

Each of these worries has a different flavor, and Enno loves the variety that comes from growing up. Just write your worry on a piece of paper, or draw it out, then fold it up. Enno will crawl into your lap with his giant smile, give you a big hug, take a bite out of that worry, and then zip his mouth shut so it can't get back out! 

Ta da! All gone! (If he burps, just excuse him; he doesn't know his manners yet.)

And all the while, kids are enhancing their emotional vocabulary: sad, angry, nervous, anxious, frustrated, furious, embarrassed, annoyed. Feelings are complicated things (and that's why they taste so yummy to a Worry Eater!).

Enno's a brown striped kitty with bright embroidered eyes that look so excited to help you through the bumps and bruises of life. Unzip his mouth to see the friendliest monster of a smile you've ever seen!

Enno Worry Eater

  • Plush cat monster with zip-shut mouth that eats up all your worries
  • Encourages emotional regulation, self-esteem, self-expression, imaginative play
  • Ideal best-friend companion for every stressful situation
  • Designed with perky cat ears, brown face, brown and cream stripes, cream paws, zippered mouth
  • Mouth unzips to reveal pouch
  • Write worries onto a piece of paper and stuff them inside
  • Helps enhance emotional vocabulary
  • Features clip ring for travel or hanging
  • 8.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches
  • Made from 90% polyester, 10% cotton
  • Hand wash only